Like the truck body, tires can be used for a long time only if they are managed properly. Ensure safety while also extending the service life of your tires through the Tire Care Checklist.

1. Is the air pressure proper?

If a tire is used without having sufficient air pressure, much heat is generated from the tire. Thus, it causes separation of the rubber and code besides the code disconnection and tire rupture. Also, the edge of the tires is worn-out easily shortening the life of the tires. Meanwhile if a tire is used having excessive air pressure, the tire is always under a state of tension. For this reason, the tire may be ruptured and cut easily in case of having an external impact. Also, a vehicle tends to skid when pressing the break and the middle part of the tire is worn out fast shortening the life of a tire.

For some Asian countries and region, the local customers always have overloading to reduce transportation cost. Some Huaan tires are specially designed for overloading 100%-250%. If you choose reinforced Huaan tires, you can adjust the pressure accordingly. The reinforced bead and sidewall can bear higher pressure.  

Air pressure

 2. Are there any tires that are abnormally worn-out (Partial abrasion)?
To prevent an abnormal abrasion, the air-pressure and wheel alignment should be checked regularly and the tire position should be replaced after driving 2,0000~30,000km for even abrasion of the tires (The tire replacement may be adjusted depending on the worn-out condition).

Abnormally worn-out

 3. Are there any tires below than Treadwear Index (TI) (Depth of the left dent: 2.0mm)?

If a tire below Treadwear Index (TI) is used, a vehicle is easily skidded as the breaking distance becomes longer. Also, it tends to be ruptured when an alien substance is pierced and generate hydroplaning causing difficulty in breaking and handling operation.

Indication of treadwear index

 4. Are there any damages?

If a tire is operated having an alien substance, such as a nail or stone, inside the tread dent, the tire may be punctured or rupture. Presence of tire damage shall be checked in the tire store and any damaged tires must be replaced to a new one in case when the damage threatens the safety of carcass.

Damaged tire


 5. Are the wheels balanced well?

The poor wheel balance causes difficulty in driving as the handle shakes and discomfort while driving. Also, it generates partial abrasion and severe noise.

Wheel alignment

 6. How to rotate your truck tires?

Tire rotation, that is routinely repositioning your vehicles tires in specific patterns from front to back or side to side, is an important element of tire upkeep and safety. Additionally, rotating your tires may also be required to keep your tires covered under Huaan tire warranty policy.

Here is our suggestion for your truck tire's rotation.

Suggestion for your truck tire's rotation

Please keep the habit of checking tyres frequently and you can save more money from Huaan tires. 


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