• The sales of Huaan tire is very strong in oversea market.


    Though COVID-19 affects the whole tire market, but the sales of Huaan tire are still very strong.Our partner from oversea is ready for a large quantities of Huaan tires in his warehouse for the increasing demand of local market.Huaan tire in cusotmer's warehouseNow Huaan tire is the most popular brand in the local market for overloading demand. If you need a premium tire to support your market and sales channel, Huaan tire can help you achieve your target.Huaan tire in cusotmer's warehou

  • Huaan Tire is gaining fans across the global market


    Huaan Tire is gaining fans across the global market. Its popularity is no accidents. The end users always need a tire which has longer mileage and stronger sidewall.As more customers are selling Huaan tire in the global market, they made Huaan tire more readily available and more competitive. It is especially popular on the overloading market of Asian market.Huaan tire promotion exhibition-Zhengzhou StationThe partner is delivering Huaan tire to the end usersThe partner is delivering Huaan tire

  • Huaantire team visits Mining site by the end of Oct. 2020


    Only approaching the market can better understand customers needs and tires performance. Huaan tires engineer team would visit mining site and truck fleet every month to get the real running data.Huaan team visits the coal mining site in Shangxi province by the end of Oct, 2020.Since II generation of Huaan mining tire came to the market in Aug, 2019, we have got many feedback from the end users. Now the increasing demand from domestic and oversea market pushes Huaan tire to enlarge its pro

  • Huaan Tire Launches 1000R20 HRD67 Super Loading Driving Tire


    Huaan tire release new size 1000R20 HRD67 pattern for the purpose of overloading in Aisan market. 1000R20 18PR HRD67 super-loading tire contains the latest design that resists stone penetration and a stronger casing design.Huaan 1000R20 HRD67 will provde max. 200% lifetime under extreme overloading. This new pattern will help Huaan's partner to win a bigger market share in local market.Huaan Tires 1000R20 HRD67 patternHuaan Tires 1000R20 HRD67 patternWe have worked closely with an engineer

  • Huaan Tire new pattern HFA18 has been released for the mining market.


    Huaan Tire new pattern HFA18 has been released for the mining market.Huaan Tire is committed to delivering more patterns for mining market. With the increasing of demand from mining, Huaantire develop more sizes and pattern for its mining series. Now HFA18 is released on Octomber.Huaan Tires HFA18 patternHuaan Tires are installed in dumperYou can get more than you expect to get from HuaanTire. The superior long lifetime of HuaanTire can cut down tire using cost a lot. Customers can get Max 200%+

  • Huaan Tire will add more moulds and product line to meet increasing demand


    Huaan Tire will add more moulds and product line to meet increasing demand for the fast-growing overloading market.Huaan Tire expeands its commercial product lineup to meet increasing demand for 22.5 segment. For overloading market, the highlights of Huaan Tire has a higher ply rating and stronger sidewall and reinforced bead.Huaan Tires are sent to the global market by containerHuaan Tires are sent to the global market by container315/80R22.5 is availalbe for cusotmer order starting Oct 2020.Th

  • Huaantire New pattern 13R22.5 HRA59 is released for overloading market.


    Huaantire New pattern 13R22.5 HRA59 is released for overloading market.The latest pattern 13R22.5 HRA59 has stronger bead and reinforced sidewall to against overloading on mixed road. It is a heavy-duty commercial truck tire for multiple applications, including heavy loads and transport trucks.According to the testing date from end users, the customers can get additional 2 month service lifetime. The total tire cost will cut down 10%-15%.HuaanTires 13R22.5 HRA59HuaanTires HRA59 PATTERN ARE DELIV

  • Huaantire quality has been proven again by HRD67 pattern.


    Huaantire has been served many truck fleet in global market. The truck fleet includes Mercedes-Benz, VOLVO, MAN, SCANIA, FAW, DAFA, TATA and so on.Now Huaantire quality has been proven again by HRD67 pattern.A large local truck fleet uses Huaantire HRD67 more than 1 year with good feedback. This fleet can get 200% lifetime than other normal brands under heavy loading. Huaantire help they to save a lot of tire cost. They installed Huaantire again two month ago. When Huaantire's engineer vis

  • Many oil tank truck fleets use HuaanTire for the purpose of safety


    For tires, safety is the most important needs. For oil tank truck, safety is the most important needs too. Since its birth, Huaantire has been chasing premium quality. The time proves that Huaatire has the capacity of reliable quality.Many oil tank truck fleets use HuaanTire for the purpose of safety.Now many oil tank truck fleet use Huaantire for the purpose of safety. There are many popular patterns available for oil tank truck, like HLA81, HLT89, HLA85. No matter how far the road is, Huaantir

  • The latest testing report of HuaanTire 12R22.5 HLA77 pattern


    Real gold is not afraid of fire and quality tire is not afraid of testing data. The testing data can tell end customers the real image of Tire. That is why HuaanTire staff encourages all customers to track its performance and get CPK( cost per kilometer).This week Huaantire's eingieer get a latest testing report for 12R22.5 HLA77 pattern. Let's check the testing data.Testing size: 12R22.5 HLA77 patternTread depth of new tires: 18mmPosition: all positionTruck mold: 2-DD-TTTLoading: 120% l

  • 2020 HUAANTIRE ROADSHOW NANNING STATION is hold in Sep 11th, 2020.


    2020 HUAANTIRE ROADSHOW NANNING STATION is hold in Sep 11th, 2020.The roadshow was very successful with almost 80 preventives attending the event.The director of Huaantire Mr. Zhang shows the latest technology and newest pattern designing of HuaanTire Mining to all customers. Some partners also share some successful case in mining site. They have full confidence in Huaan Tire and placed many orders on the spot.Mr. Zhang, The director of HuaanTiresHuaanTire Road ShowThe tire business is impacted

  • HUAANTIRE 315/80R22.5 is coming


    HuaanTire new size 315/80R22.5 20PR is comming. This new size will fully fill with HuaanTire's products range. At the same time, the new sizes will help its customers to get more market share for overloading tires.In the pass monthes, HuaanTire's partners urgently need 315/80R22.5 20PR to meet the local demand of overloading. Now 315/80R22.5 have two patterns available for the market.Size:315/80R22.5 20PR**Steer/Tailer Pattern: HLA81Driving pattern: HLD96Loading capaity: 200%Design lifet

  • Test report for HuaanTire 12R22.5 HLA87 pattern


    Quality is the best business plan. HuaanTire has been proved to deliver more values to customers. Now more and more truck fleet use HuaanTire to save tire cost, including Mercedes Benz, MAN, VOLVO, SCANIA.Recently HuaanTire people get some testing data for 12R22.5 HLA87 pattern. let's see the details.HuaanTires are assembled in TruckThe truck fleet of MANHuaanTire 12R22.5 HLA87The testing report from HuaanTire HLA871. Size: 12R22.5 18PR2. Pattern: HLA873. Position: Steer/Trailer4. Applicatio

  • HuaanTire HRD67 pattern wins the market for mixed road


    Now the whole Asian market needs overloading tires to meet the local demand. HuaanTire, as one of biggest overloading tire manufacturers, has a full series of overloading tires for the global market. HRD67 is one star products among all of HuaanTire.Generally speaking, most of tires are standard loading in the market. More and more cusotmers want to load more cargos at a time to save freight and logistic cost. HuaanTire focus on overloading market and its products can have bigger loading capacit

  • HuaanTire brings the partners a steady order from the local truck fleet


    HuaanTire cann't offer customers the lowest price, but the lowest CPK.(cost per kilometer). Now HuaanTire brings its partners a steady order from the local market in ovesea.When customers place a trial order from HuaanTire, the salesman from HuaanTire request his customers to follow tires' performance. The atrual running data can tell customers the real cost of tires he is using. The tire price is a part of tire cost in the whole process of tire management. HuaanTire are proven to delive

  • The time will prove that HuaanTire is the best choice in Bangladesh


    The time will prove that HuaanTire is one of the best choices for the purpose of overloading in Bangladesh.After collecting the road condition and customers need in Bangladesh, HuaanTire designs a new pattern and structure for the local market.The new pattern HRA59 is totally different with other all competitors with strongest sidewall and bead. The end users can easily find premium quality from appearance. We wish that HuaanTire can bring the end users and truck fleets more values.HuaanTire H

  • HuaanTire becomes a star product in the oversea market


    HuaanTire become a star products in the local market. For overloading market, Huaantire is the best choice for Asian market. Now our local partner in oversea delivers a lot of HuaanTire to the end users every day. The premium tire can bring a steady and large order from the local truck fleet.Do you see a large truck to load tires? For HuaanTire, it happens every day. Let us these loading pictures from HuaanTire dealer in oversea.The large-size tipper loads HuaanTireThe large-sizes Tipper itself

  • HuaanTire will develops more patterns for 12R22.5


    Low price doesnt mean low cost. Huaan tires have been proved to delivery more value to customers. We are proud to see that more dealers sell Huaantire to replace the big name brand tires in domestic and oversea market.For 12R22.5, HuaanTire has many patterns for different purpose. Some are for long haul with the super long lifetime from 300,000.00KMS-450,000.00KMS. Some are for overloading on 200% loading rate. So you can find Huaantire on different application, like container truck, Tipper, T

  • Excellent! Huaan tire can load 250%+ cargo


    Not all tires can have 250%+ loading capacity. Huaan tire is stronger than you imagine and you can get longer lifetime and more benefits from Huaan tires.Huaantire focus on overloading filed and get a lot of success case from the global market, especially in mining filed. Now let us see one of super overloading pattern HRA59 pattern.Huaan tires HRA59 all position pattern available sizes:1200R201100R201000R2012R22.513R22.5Main market :Bangladesh/Pakistan/Afghanistan/Philippines/Malaysia/Australia

  • Huaan tire gets a fantastic feedback from Mexico


    During the period of 2019 Tirexpo hold in Shanghai, China, Huaan tire attracts many customers to visit its booths. One of customers from Mexico decide to buy 2 pcs of sample of tires to apply for NOM certificates at Huaan's booth. This customer buys 552 pcs of tires as testing order after getting NOM certificates.The salesman of Huaan tire requests customer to follow the tires' performance for his testing order. Although Huaan tire is very popular in Asian market, but it is really so new



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