China has become the largest tire production base in the world, and there are more than two hundreds of tire factories with different scale and quality level in China. It is really a big question to find a proper tire factory for many customers who are doing tire business.

From long experience once a brand name has established a reputation it is very difficult to change.Many China brands people will not purchase anymore. Too many China brands have burnt too many people so until there is a performance benchmark no one wants to try.

Even now it is difficult to find a manufacturer that can achieve same cost per kilometre as premium brands.

Now it isn't a question anymore for HUAAN tire.


HUAAN is a new brand of a high quality, cost-effective truck tire, backed up by 30+ years of experience in manufacturing truck tires for the world's premium brands, engineered and manufactured by the same top engineer team from H**kook tires.

European design and engineering, fuel efficient pattern, high natural rubber percent composition, high quality raw materials (Bekaert - Belgium, Cabot - USA, Rubber - Thailand & Malaysia), guaranteed mileage.

Raw materials

High Technology, Modern Factory, state of the art equipment and technology, same as with the most Famous International Tyre Companies.

HUAAN is a highest quality European engineered commercial tires that are produced using raw materials and equipments from Belgium, Holland, Germany, Italy and US. The manufacturing process is fully automated. We are confidently challenging the most widely known BIG brands for cost/performance.

We only make Premium quality truck tires.


In China tire factories,the equipment is not a concern, the materials are all good, the workmanship and also consistency of the final product is the major concern for China tyres.

One of the major challenges for manufacturers is gaining control of the tyre inside the mold during inflation and curing. It is not like a cake or steamed bun that just goes in and cooks. The movement of the rubber from green to inflated and then to cured is a big key in the success of the end product.

And this is what will set Huaan apart from other China brands.

Huaan tire structure


Tires are the second largest expense of a transporter. At HUAAN, we are focused on a single goal: providing vehicle owners with the best combination of price and longevity - Tires that work harder and go farther than any similarly priced tires available. We have saved our clients 20-40% of their fleets' cost per mile.

Huaan tire HRA59 application

HUAAN truck tires are SmartWay verified at "B" rate. Cost per mile of tires has traditionally been defined in terms of initial purchase and tread life. However, the cost of fuel the tire consumes because of rolling resistance is five times greater than the initial purchase price of the tire. Rolling resistance makes up 30-33% of the total fuel cost of a Class 8 truck or about $0.21 per mile. The typical purchase price of the tire is about $0.04 per mile. HUAAN is a tire manufacturer with 30+ years of experience in making the world's premium brands have improved the configuration of the tire for lower rolling resistance, which lowers the contact area, improving fuel efficiency.The quality and price point are excellent, saving our clients up to 40% on their fleet tires.

The savings are larger than just fuel. The overall cost of operation is what must be considered. Whislt tyre costs may reduce fuel burn may rise due to ineffecient tyre design resulting in higher rolling resistence.

HUAAN tires are engineered for control and provide an affordable alternative to big name brands. The HUAAN tire portfolio is designed to provide the market with high quality, competitively priced tires that show performance and quality aren't exclusive to higher priced tires.

Get the quality of the world's premium brands at 40% less money!

4. Localized Design Formula

The technical team of Huaan tire always visit the local market to get the actal working condition before designing the proper formula. The people of Huaan tire believe them can develop the right tires after understanding the tires' working condition. For the same pattern, we have different rubber formula, like heat resistance, cut resistance. 



HUAAN produces the kind of high-quality truck tires that drivers CAN take on the open road with total confidence. All tires you buy from us have 3-year quality warranty. If any quality problem might happens, we promise you solving this problem within five working days after getting the defective tire pictures and production series number.


Huaan tire insists on its own products value, adhere to its own business value, quality system, service management since its birth to the market. It's the hardest way, and it's the best way too. We are very honored to see that Huaan tire is expanding its share in the international market, especially in overloading market. Huaan tire have higher loading capacity than others in the market. It is proved in Pakistan, Viet Nam, Malaysia, Afghanistan and other countries.


If you have much bad experience for failure tires under heavy loading, you can try Huaan tires to solve this issue.  Huaan tires has higher loading capacity and reinforced bead against overloading. Huaan tire can help you save not only tire cost, but also extra operational cost.HUAAN TIRE VS STANDARD LOADING TIRE

7. Some customers' requirement & feedback:

"lower rolling resistance, better fuel mileage, the weight savings, easier to maintain."

"Less failures means less downtime, which means happier customers with on time loads and happier drivers."

" HUAAN all steel truck tire performance is challenging the world's premium brand. Current projection based on the local testing results: Steers - 300,000 Km, Drives - 380,000 Km, Trailer tires - 320,000 Km. It is unbelievable that Huaan tires can reach the level of the top brand tires."

Huaan tire's feedback

The company's progressive technology, state-of-the-art production equipment, and modern minded tire research specialists help to build a bridge between the company and its consumers. HUAAN Tire stands for high quality, competitive pricing, and incomparable service.

Long term business depends on quality and valuenot price. Huaan tire has been proved to deliver more value and better performance. we are not success until you get success.


Tel : 0086-527-88726666

Wechat : 0086-166 5271 2237

Email: info@huaantire.com

Add: East side of Shuqi Road, Shuyang Economic Development Zone, Shuyang County, Jiangsu, China.





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