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Huaan team visits Yunnan market

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In order to provide cusotmers of better quality of Huaan tire, Huaan team often approach the market and listen to customers' feedback. This time, the sales director and engineer department director team enter into the local market to get running data. The first stop of the investigation is Yunnan market.

Yunnan province is located in the southwest of China with many mountains and many mineral resources. Huaan tires are widely used in Yunnan mines. There is few tire makes to produce premium heavy loading tires in mining.  Huaantire is one of the most popular brands in Yunnan mining. This time, we specially check the transport fleet which carry Iron ore.

Engineer director of Huaantire  Huaan tire

The driver highly praised the quality of Huaan tire. There is higher mileage and few downtime and he save a lot of money and time cost. He installed 8 pcs of Huaantire 1200R20 HA989 pattern on Oct 15th, 2019. There is still RDT 10.5mm after 7 months. This pattern is expected to run at least 12 months or more on mining road. This service life is about twice than other Brands.

Thanks for the fantastic performance, Huaan tire has become the preferred brand for many mine customers. If you are interested in this size, please contact us by email info@huaantire.com. Thanks for your email.


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