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Huaan tire 1200R20 HRA59 testing report

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In order to provide cusotmers of better quality of Huaan tire, Huaan team often approach the market and listen to customers' feedback. Huaantire's engineer get some testing data for 1200R20 HRA59.

Huaantire 1200R20 HRA59 is especially designed for heavy loading market. It can bring 250% loading rate with perfect performance. Let see some pictures from our engineer. 

  Truck model 22-DD

The truck with Huaan tire 1200R20 HRA59

Huaantire's engineer checks tire's data

Huaantire's engineer checks tire's data

The GVM of truck is 95T with 22DD mold. The loading capacity is about 230% for driving position. The driver use Huaan tire HRA59 for 2 months@ 2.5mm. The serice life is expected to 12-15 months. 

Customer's positve feedback is the biggest affirmation of our work. Only premium quality can make business lasting. If you are interested in this size, please contact us by email info@huaantire.com. Thanks for your email.


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