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HuaanTire HRD67 pattern wins the market for mixed road

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Now the whole Asian market needs overloading tires to meet the local demand. HuaanTire, as one of biggest overloading tire manufacturers, has a full series of overloading tires for the global market. HRD67 is one star products among all of HuaanTire.

Generally speaking, most of tires are standard loading in the market. More and more cusotmers want to load more cargos at a time to save freight and logistic cost. HuaanTire focus on overloading market and its products can have bigger loading capacity. Now it becomes a trend that many customers use Huaantire for the purpose of overloading.


Huaan tires are installed in heavy-oading truck

HuaanTire HRD67 is especially designed for the needs of overloading. It has stronger sidewall and heavier weight to against overloading. Now the available sizes is 1200R20, 1100R20. HuaanTire will develop more sizes to meet customer's demand.

HuaanTire HRD67HuaanTire HRD67

Huaantire HRD67 pattern are installed in heavy-loading truck 

If your tires can't satisfy your needs, please try HuaanTire. It can bring you a totally different experience.

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