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GRM expands "One Belt, One Road" blue ocean market

Time2020-06-08     AuthorHUAANTIREReserved

At the time of the global epidemic, Guilin Rubber Machinery Co., Ltd. (GRM) bucked the trend and successfully signed contracts with a new customer in Bangladesh in April. This made their "customer circle" in the "One Belt, One Road" market expand to 21, and it showed that the digital marketing strategy has achieved initial success.

This ordered product is a passenger tire and engineering tire curing machine, which is a traditional advantage product of GRM. It has the advantages of high precision, stable equipment structure, reliable operation, high startup rate and easy maintenance. In response to customer demand, GRM improved the structure of vulcanizer, upgraded equipment performance, shortened the time of field mold replacement, increased automation rate by 50%, and optimized the stability and appearance of equipment.

In recent years, Guilin Rubber Machinery has transformed from simple equipment sales to providing overall service plan, and subdivided customer demands. Since the transfer of the key sales area to the One Belt, One Road, the order from the countries along the One Belt, One Road has reached nearly 330 million yuan simply in 2018 and 2019, accounting for 94% of the total export value.


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