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Sailun Dongyings Project of 27 Million Tires was Launched

Time2020-06-12     AuthorHUAANTIREReserved

On February 21, High-performance Semi-steel Radial Tire Expansion Project of Sailun Group Dongying Factory was officially launched. This project is listed in 2020 Key Engineering Projects of Guangrao County, Shandong Province, with an investment of about 1 Billion Yuan, its products, technologies and equipment will reach advanced level of domestic tire industry on the whole.

This project overally plans to adopt the global advanced production equipment and full-automatic tire logistics line, which will effectively improve the automation, informatization and intelligentization level of core equipment during tire manufacturing process, deeply utilize artificial intelligence technology, establish full-life cycle tire intelligent manufacturing system driven by data and AI, and introduce the liquid gold tire technology of Sailun Group into the production line to realize batch production in Dongying Factory.

After the project fully reaches the design capacity, the scale of an annual output of 27 million semi-steel radial tires can be reached, at that time, Sailun Dongying Factory will become the largest monomer factory production base of high-performance semi-steel radial tires in the world.


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