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The latest testing report of HuaanTire 12R22.5 HLA77 pattern

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Real gold is not afraid of fire and quality tire is not afraid of testing data. The testing data can tell end customers the real image of Tire. That is why HuaanTire staff encourages all customers to track its performance and get CPK( cost per kilometer).

This week Huaantire's eingieer get a latest testing report for 12R22.5 HLA77 pattern. Let's check the testing data.

Testing size: 12R22.5 HLA77 pattern

Tread depth of new tires: 18mm

Position: all position

Truck mold: 2-DD-TTT

Loading: 120% loading capacity

Road condition: 90% freeway+10% highway

Rout: Xinjiang-Xining-Tianjin (Long haul)

Assemble date: Sep 26th, 2019

Checking date: Spe 12th, 2020

Remain tread depth: 10mm

Running mileage: 225,000kms

Test report: 28,000kms@1mm, Expected total mileage: 420,000kms

 Huaan tire HLA77 Huaan tire HLA77

HuaanTires 12R22.5 18PR HLA77

The engieer of HuaanTire is checking the data

The engineer of HuaanTire is checking the data

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Quality is the best business plan. Welcome to test Huaantire and win the market together.

If you want to test the quality of HuaanTire, please let us know freely. Please contact us by email info@huaantire.com. Thanks for your email.


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