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Shenma Cord Fabrics were Exported to Many Countries

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On March 6, in Shenma Cord Fabrics Development Company, several trucks filled with Nylon 66 products were queuing up for leaving the factory after disinfection. Over 200 tons of Shenma nylon 66 dipped cord fabrics leaving the warehouse on the day would depart from Qingdao Port and transported to the countries such as Germany, Mexico and Thailand by sea.

Since the products of this company can be delivered on time with quality and quantity guaranteed, in February, the product order quantity of the international clients such as Michelin and Bridgestone increased by 20% on the basis of January instead of being affected. From January to February, this company successfully completed various target tasks assigned by the group, with a sales revenue of about 205 Million Yuan. 

This company also accelerated the development of raw material nylon 66 ultra fine denier yarn required by medical protective clothing, at present, the first batch of 1296-tube ultra fine denier yarn samples have been produced and provided to the downstream cooperative enterprises for free.


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