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Unmanned tire compound production system launched

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At present, the problems of poor working condition and high labor intensity still exist in the internal mixing workshop of tire factory. It is urgent to upgrade the equipment and promote the automation and unmanned of the workshop. As the main raw material processing equipment of internal mixing workshop, the upper auxiliary machine has basically realized the centralized processing and machine automation of powder feeding and oil feeding system. Only each machine of rubber feeding system needs personnel participation, and the labor intensity is high.

In order to meet the needs of customers and realize the automation and unmanned of rubber feeding system, MESNAC takes the rubber centralized processing system as an important research and development topic.

The automatic rubber sheet delivery device is the core part of the rubber sheet unmanned solution. With the help of automatic logistics, RFID and automatic rubber tray conveying line, it can realize seamless docking from the logistics warehouse to the upper auxiliary machine. For this reason, MESNAC R&D team visited the site for many times within more than one year to understand the status of differently formulated rubber sheets after stacking, and to discuss with customers the improvement scheme of rubber sheet gripper as a core.

Up to now, MESNAC automatic rubber sheet delivery device has gone through three iterative upgrades. The latest automatic rubber sheet delivery device 2.0 appears at the customer (its name begins with letter X) site. This upgrade is subversive. The R&D team has improved the gripper in many ways. The slender gripper can effectively deal with the problem of rubber sheet collapse. The field test results show that the automatic delivery device 2.0 can grasp rubber sheet with a collapse depth of less than 300mm, which can meet the needs of most tire factories, and the success rate of automatic grasping is 99%, which lays a good foundation for realizing unmanned rubber sheet processing.

The upgrading of MESNAC automatic rubber sheet delivery device is that after the rubber sheet is delivered to the upper auxiliary machine according to the formula needs, the RFID information is automatically read to realize material confirmation and traceability, and then the rubber sheet is led into the cutting machine through the automatic delivery device to realize the automatic cutting and feeding. The whole operation process is completed automatically without the participation of personnel. It can achieve one single person operating multiple internal mixing machines, reduce a series of work such as pulling rubber transporting tray, bar code scanning, leading rubber sheet into the cutting machine, and greatly reduce the labor intensity of personnel.


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