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Commercial Tire Workshop of Prinx Chengshan was Rated as Digital Workshop

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The list of the first batch (the 4th batch in total) of intelligent factories and digital workshops in 2020 in Weihai was published recently. High-performance Commercial Vehicle Tire Digital Manufacturing Workshop of Prinx Chengshan (Shandong) Tire Co., Ltd. was selected.

With this digital production workshop, the production efficiency is improved by 23%, the management efficiency is improved by 50%, the manufactured inventory was lowered by 40%, the rate of defective products was lowered by 61%, the energy utilization efficiency reached over 95% and the product development cycle was shortened by over 60%. This workshop was planned to be established from 2017, with a total investment of 1.5 Billion Yuan and a floor area of 150 mu. By inter-connecting the labor, machines, materials, processes, quality, energy consumption and other resources during the production with Internet of Things technology, a digital, visualized and networked digital workshop is finally constructed and formed.

Next, Prinx Chengshan will carry out upgrading and reconstruction of the line of passenger car tire product in digital, intelligent and informationization aspects, to make the digital collection rate of processes and equipment reach 100%, the operation costs reduced by 30% and the production efficiency improved by over 40%.


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