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First Issue of Rubber Chemicals Company Passed

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On June 18, China Securities Regulatory Commission announced that the application for main board listing of Jiangxi Hungpai New Material Co., Ltd. was passed.

The report shows that Hungpai New Material is mainly engaged in R&D, production and sale of new silicon-based materials such as functional silane and nanosilicon material and other chemical additives, and is one of the enterprises with circular economy system and leading industrial scale in sulfur-containing silane manufacturing subdivided industry.

Hungpai New Material plans to raise the fund of 1.050 Billion Yuan this time, in which, 398 Million Yuan will be used to supplement the working fund and the rest fund will be used for chloro-silicane green recycling industry, new organic silicon material, functional aerogel production base, R&D center, intelligent storage and logistics center and new material application center construction projects.

It is learned that the main products of Hungpai New Material include silane coupling agent, fumed silica, etc., in which, the contribution ratio of silane coupling agent to the main operating income of the company reaches over 90%. Sulfur-containing silane is one category of functional silane with the largest consumption at present, which is mainly used for rubber industry and producing green tires in combination with precipitated silica.


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