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Huaan tires serves the global market

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Because of the impact of the new coronavirus, the demand for tires is constantly changing in the global market. Since September 2020, global ocean freight rates have also increased wildly, which leaded the end customers to look for better tires to reduce tire costs. As a leading brand of heavy-duty tires, Huaan Tire has been constantly improving its product range and quality.

The market is the only standard for testing quality. Huaan Tire always encourages customers to track the peformance of tires and better understand the usage cost of tires. We have always believed that quality is the best business plan. Huaan Tire is now recognized in more and more markets.

Huaan tires sample room

Huaan tires sample room

Overseas customer visits Huaan tire

Overseas customer visits Huaan tire

Quality is the best business plan. If you want to test Huaantire, please contact me freely. Huaantire serves the global market.


If the quality is good enough, it is never too late for the market. If you need a premium tire to support your market and sales channel, you can try Huaantire and GoodhaotireHuaan tire serves the global market. Send us a email and you can get more information about Huaan tires. Email: info@huaantire.com


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