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MESNAC Three-drum Tire Building Machine Renews Two World Records

Time2020-12-05     AuthorHuaantireReserved

The better news of MESNAC's all-steel tire building machine keeps coming at the customer site recently. In half a year, TPRO-S once again broke the world record of output per shift for all-steel three-drum heavy-duty forming machine and reached 212 units. ZCX3A all-steel radial tire three-drum building machine also achieved the daily output world record of 551 units.

TPRO-S was released by MESNAC in 2018. The product's design goal is to achieve a single cycle time of fewer than 150 seconds and output per shift of 150 units, 40% more efficient than traditional models, and the building efficiency reaches the world's advanced level. So far, this machine has successfully completed its efficiency indicators at multiple customer sites.

ZCX3A automatic three-drum building machine is positioned for world-class high-end customers. It is also one of the building machines with the highest specifications and the most complex structure of MESNAC. 



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