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Big Deal! Strong Alliance for Advance Future | Linglong and Safe-Run signed the comprehensive strategic cooperation agreement on smart manufacturing

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Shandong Linglong Tire Company and Safe-Run Smart Manufacturing Company has signed the comprehensive strategic cooperation agreement on smart manufacturing. Linglong Chairman Wang Feng and Safe-Run Chairman Zhang Yingzi attended this signing ceremony together with their management team. The President of China Rubber Industry Association, Mr. Deng Yali, virtually attended and witnessed the ceremony using Cloud Technology. The leaders of the three parties have delivered their speech about this comprehensive strategic cooperation for smart manufacturing between Linglong and Safe-Run.

According to the agreement, both parties shall fully utilize their respective potentials to enhance the overall strength by advancing all-round cooperation in scientific and technological innovation, smart manufacturing and logistic automation, and other related aspects for achieving win-win development.

Linglong Tire is one of the well reputed leading organization with a global vision. Over the years, it has been implementing smart technology for enterprise transforming and upgrading. Linglong leads the development of high-quality Chinese tire manufacturers.

Safe-Run is the leading smart manufacturer of high-end equipment in Chinas Tire Industry. It has become one of the top global suppliers of uni-stage tire building machine, and one-stop service for smart logistics and smart factories. Thus, it has a significant decisive influence in the tire industry. 

As the world's first-class high-end smart equipment manufacturer and integrated engineering solution provider, the products of Safe-Run can meet the most stringent requirements of Linglong R&D, manufacturing and other aspects, and hence Safe-Run is the ideal partner of Linglong Tire, said Mr. Wang Feng, the Chairman of Linglong Tire. Linglong Tire will work together with Safe-Run in aspect of standardization, digitization, automation, intelligence to achieve a top-level smart manufacturing pilot industry.

Safe-Run Chairman, Ms. Zhang Yingzi said, As the future star of China's top manufacturer of high-end equipment, logistics automation, and smart factory, Safe-Run has become an important partner of Linglong Tire. It has been providing the high-end intelligent products with excellent technical and quality as well as quick after-sales service to Linglong Tires over the years. With excellent leading technology, product quality, innovation ability and delivery performance, Safe-Run fully meets the supply-demand of Linglong Tire. The comprehensive strategic and cooperative partnership between both sides is the Linglong Tires recognition of Safe-Run comprehensive strength, and is also a further reflection of the deep integration of the partnerships. Safe-Run will continue strengthen their management system, guarantee the product quality, optimize the service process, increase technology content to provide more powerful support and upgrade the Safe-Run equipments performance.

President of China Rubber Industry Association, Mr. Deng Yali said, "Linglong and Safe-Run made a powerful combination to develop deep integration in the field of smart logistics, smart equipment, engineering management, and market development. It certainly will become an important motive for new development in the new year. Leading the new journey of development with smart manufacturing, achieving win-win criteria in high-quality development, and jointly making innovative contribution will fulfill the dream of becoming powerful country in rubber industry. 

The signature of comprehensive strategic cooperation agreement of smart manufacturing between Linglong Tire and Safe-Run marks a new initiation for the close cooperation between these two companies and a new era for the smart manufacturing of Chinese Tires. This also plays a big significance for the digital and smart transformation of the manufacturing industry. The signing also embodies the beautiful vision of complementary advantages, mutual benefit and common development between the two parties. With the shared aspiration, both parties will work together to build the future. Hope the cooperation between Linglong Tire and Safe-run will jointly open a new journey full of opportunities and challenges.

The signing of the comprehensive strategic cooperation agreement with Linglong Tire is the first milestone for Safe-Run after the completion of its share reformation, and it will certainly start a new journey for Safe-Run in the future.


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