• A Joint Venture Set up by ExxonMobil, Tencent and Tuhu


    Shanghai Fuchuang Industrial Development Co., Ltd., a joint venture among Exxon Mobil and its dealer Fuxiao Investment Company as well as Tencent and Tuhu, was put into service formally in March.As a digital, integrative and professional provider of automobile maintenance service, Fuchuang was registered and founded with registered capital of 1.35 Billion Yuan in Shanghai Free Trade Zone in January this year. By intelligent digital platform, Fuchuang will provide its clients with integrated supp

  • Prinx Chengshan Improving Testing Capacity of Engineering Center


    The Weihai Digital and Energy-saving Environmental Tire Engineering Technology Research Center built with the support of Prinx Chengshan (Shandong) Tire Co., Ltd. passed the acceptance evaluation on December 27, 2019.This center, with total area of 14,600 m2, is a comprehensive center with multiple functions such as detection, physical and chemical experiment and testing of tires during the whole process of RD and production of tires, as well as the office work, conference and product display.Ne

  • Bridgestone Changzhou Companys Hose Project Passed Acceptance


    The project of Changzhou Bridgestone Fluid Technology Co., Ltd. with annual output of 3,800km of air pressure hose, oil pressure hose and hydraulic hose passed the completion acceptance in December 2019.Bridgestone Changzhou Company has had a project located in Hanjiang Road, Xinbei District, Changzhou City and plans to build a project with annual output of 12,000km of air pressure hose, oil pressure hose and hydraulic hose as well as 7 million hose assemblies in Huanghe West Road, Xinbei Distri

  • Sailun Group Ultra-high Performance Tire Laboratory Opened


    On December 29, 2019, Sailun Groups laboratory of ultra-high performance tire was inaugurated.This project is said to be prepared since 2018 and is a key project of Sailun for its 2025 strategic target planning. The laboratory is mainly designed to give full support to the medium and high-end ancillary product strategy of the Group and make full use of the combined advantages of product objective design, basic material research and finished product performance test through close integration of

  • HuaanTire HRD67 pattern wins the market for mixed road


    Now the whole Asian market needs overloading tires to meet the local demand. HuaanTire, as one of biggest overloading tire manufacturers, has a full series of overloading tires for the global market. HRD67 is one star products among all of HuaanTire.Generally speaking, most of tires are standard loading in the market. More and more cusotmers want to load more cargos at a time to save freight and logistic cost. HuaanTire focus on overloading market and its products can have bigger loading capacit

  • The 6th Internal Mixer of Yiyang Rubber Exported to Europe


    The GE5 experimental-type internal mixer manufactured by Yiyang Rubber Plastics Machinery Group Co., Ltd. successfully passed the site acceptance for trial run by clients from Slovakia in mid-December 2019, becoming the companys sixth internal mixer exported to European market.The GE5 internal mixer has the minimum size of specification among all E-type internal mixers of Yiyang Rubber, and its design of meshing-type rotor makes the rubber materials mixed evenly and low temperature rising. Th

  • Wonfull Special-purposed Synthetic Rubber Base Started Construction


    The groundbreaking ceremony for ACM rubber project of Shandong Haiyi Rubber Technology Co., Ltd., a subsidiary under Shandong Wonfull Petrochemical Group Co., Ltd., was held on November 28, 2019.This project, with total investment of 396 Million Yuan, has adopted the proprietary technology self-developed for acrylic rubber, which has reached the domestic advanced level with the advantages of reliable technical resource, advanced and environmental technology, low production energy consumption and

  • Linglong Tire Planned to Raise 2 Billion Yuan in Jingmen Base


    On February 17, the Board of Directors of Shandong Linglong Tire Co., Ltd. adopted the plan of public offing, by which Linglong would issue additional 100 million A shares to raise 2 Billion Yuan for the project construction and supplementary liquidity of Jingmen tire base. Of these funds, 1.4 Billion Yuan is used for the phased construction target of Jingmen base, that is the project of annual 8 million semi-steel tires and 1.2 million high-performanceall-steel tires, while the other 600 Millio

  • Longxing Chemicals Profits Dropped by 88% in 2019


    Longxing Chemical, a backbone enterprise among domestic carbon black industry, issued 2019 Annual Performance Report in February, showing that its gross revenue in 2019 was 2.806 Billion Yuan, down by 9.07% year-on-year and the net profits attributable to shareholders of listed company was 16.08 Million Yuan, down by 87.88% year-on-year.The sharp decrease on company business performance is mainly due to the joint influences of weakened market demand and fierce industrial competition, which shows

  • Himile (Shandong) Invested over 400 Million to Microreaction Industrialization


    Lately, Himile Chemical Technology (Shandong) Co., Ltd. has decided to invest 24 Million Yuan to develop the continuous flow equipment test platform project.The project, located at Qingdao National High-tech Industrial Development Zone, mainly engages in the RD of continuous flow microchannel reactor, mass and heat transfer performance test of continuous flow chemical reaction experiment, and the product and by-product yields compared to that with old processing technology. Himile Chemical Techn

  • Sailun Joined Hands with FAW to Build Intelligent Networked Automobile Testing Ground


    On September 27, 2019, Sailun Group announced that its subsidiary, Saiya Tire Testing, would have a new investor, FAW (China First Automotive Works), for capital increase of 460 Million Yuan and Sailun Group would also increase 146 Million Yuan into Saiya Tire Testing. After the capital increase, the shareholding of Sailun Group on Saiya Tire Testing decreases to 42.5% from 100% while FAW has the shareholding of 57.5%.Both Sailun Group and FAW agreed that, after capital increase and share expans

  • HuaanTire brings the partners a steady order from the local truck fleet


    HuaanTire cann't offer customers the lowest price, but the lowest CPK.(cost per kilometer). Now HuaanTire brings its partners a steady order from the local market in ovesea.When customers place a trial order from HuaanTire, the salesman from HuaanTire request his customers to follow tires' performance. The atrual running data can tell customers the real cost of tires he is using. The tire price is a part of tire cost in the whole process of tire management. HuaanTire are proven to delive

  • The time will prove that HuaanTire is the best choice in Bangladesh


    The time will prove that HuaanTire is one of the best choices for the purpose of overloading in Bangladesh.After collecting the road condition and customers need in Bangladesh, HuaanTire designs a new pattern and structure for the local market.The new pattern HRA59 is totally different with other all competitors with strongest sidewall and bead. The end users can easily find premium quality from appearance. We wish that HuaanTire can bring the end users and truck fleets more values.HuaanTire H

  • HuaanTire becomes a star product in the oversea market


    HuaanTire become a star products in the local market. For overloading market, Huaantire is the best choice for Asian market. Now our local partner in oversea delivers a lot of HuaanTire to the end users every day. The premium tire can bring a steady and large order from the local truck fleet.Do you see a large truck to load tires? For HuaanTire, it happens every day. Let us these loading pictures from HuaanTire dealer in oversea.The large-size tipper loads HuaanTireThe large-sizes Tipper itself

  • HuaanTire will develops more patterns for 12R22.5


    Low price doesnt mean low cost. Huaan tires have been proved to delivery more value to customers. We are proud to see that more dealers sell Huaantire to replace the big name brand tires in domestic and oversea market.For 12R22.5, HuaanTire has many patterns for different purpose. Some are for long haul with the super long lifetime from 300,000.00KMS-450,000.00KMS. Some are for overloading on 200% loading rate. So you can find Huaantire on different application, like container truck, Tipper, T

  • Excellent! Huaan tire can load 250%+ cargo


    Not all tires can have 250%+ loading capacity. Huaan tire is stronger than you imagine and you can get longer lifetime and more benefits from Huaan tires.Huaantire focus on overloading filed and get a lot of success case from the global market, especially in mining filed. Now let us see one of super overloading pattern HRA59 pattern.Huaan tires HRA59 all position pattern available sizes:1200R201100R201000R2012R22.513R22.5Main market :Bangladesh/Pakistan/Afghanistan/Philippines/Malaysia/Australia

  • Huaan tire gets a fantastic feedback from Mexico


    During the period of 2019 Tirexpo hold in Shanghai, China, Huaan tire attracts many customers to visit its booths. One of customers from Mexico decide to buy 2 pcs of sample of tires to apply for NOM certificates at Huaan's booth. This customer buys 552 pcs of tires as testing order after getting NOM certificates.The salesman of Huaan tire requests customer to follow the tires' performance for his testing order. Although Huaan tire is very popular in Asian market, but it is really so new

  • The Fourth Generation of Hydraulic Curing Press of SINOARP Being Released, with Jing Jian Jie Yue Performance


    On September 20, 2019, the fourth generation of hydraulic curing press of SINOARP Tires Equipment Technology (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. was honored to be launched in Yancheng coastal factory.Businessmen and equipment technicians from Michelin Group, Hankook Tire, Kunshan Kenda, Yanchang Petroleum Rubber and other tire customers altogether witnessed the unveiling ceremony of new product.Yao Mingxiao, Deputy General Manager of SINOARP Technology introduced that the fourth generation of hydraulic curing pr

  • Sealing and Rubber Hose Project of Guangzhou Saic-Metzeler Passed Acceptance


    The project of TPV production line expansion and additional fluid systems product production of Saic-Metzeler Sealing Systems (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd. passed the environmental protection acceptance in October 2019.With total investment of 20 Million Yuan, including 1 Million Yuan for environmental protection, the project was started construction in the middle of May and completed at the end of August. It newly increased one TPV production line with annual output of 4.7 million meters and the fluid

  • Hainan Rubber Received Revenue of Over 9 Billion in the First Three Quarters of 2019


    Hainan Natural Rubber Industry Group Co., Ltd. achieved the operation revenue of over 9 Billion Yuan in the first three quarters of 2019, hitting a new high.The operation revenue, total profit, asset size and other indexes of Hainan Rubber in 2019 ranked top among domestic natural rubber industry. For example, in the first three quarters, the total output of dry rubber in 25 bases and branches was 78 thousand tons, increasing 10% year-on-year; the operation revenue of self-produce rubber was 900


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