• The Profit of Saixiang in Last Year Sharply Increased by 37.89%


    On February 28, Saixiang Technology published its 2019 performance report, its total operating income in 2019 was 531 Million Yuan, which increased by 16.92% compared with that in last year; the net profit attributable to the shareholders of the listed companies was 10.2167 Million Yuan, which increased by 37.89% compared with that in last year.Affected by poor operating performance of its controlled subsidiaries, in 2019, the operating profit of Saixiang was 10.8661 Million Yuan, with a year-on

  • Sailun Dongyings Project of 27 Million Tires was Launched


    On February 21, High-performance Semi-steel Radial Tire Expansion Project of Sailun Group Dongying Factory was officially launched. This project is listed in 2020 Key Engineering Projects of Guangrao County, Shandong Province, with an investment of about 1 Billion Yuan, its products, technologies and equipment will reach advanced level of domestic tire industry on the whole.This project overally plans to adopt the global advanced production equipment and full-automatic tire logistics line, which

  • Successful test run of low lag green carbon black in Qingdao


    On April 14, after more than 10 hours of intense and orderly work by the commissioning technicians, Qingdao Black Cat New Material Research Institute Co., Ltd. successfully put the low lag green carbon black pilot test RD line into commissioning and obtained the first batch of samples.The head of Qingdao Black Cat Research Institute said that in the next step, some problems found in the transformation and commissioning process will be completed as soon as possible, and the formal mass production

  • GRM expands "One Belt, One Road" blue ocean market


    At the time of the global epidemic, Guilin Rubber Machinery Co., Ltd. (GRM) bucked the trend and successfully signed contracts with a new customer in Bangladesh in April. This made their customer circle in the One Belt, One Road market expand to 21, and it showed that the digital marketing strategy has achieved initial success.This ordered product is a passenger tire and engineering tire curing machine, which is a traditional advantage product of GRM. It has the advantages of high precision, sta

  • "6 + 6" strategy starts, Jilin Linglong tire project starts


    On April 14, Changchun Municipal People's government, China First Automobile Group Corporation and Shandong Linglong Tire Co., Ltd. signed the strategic cooperation framework agreement. On April 15, the launch ceremony of Jilin Linglong 14.2 million tire intelligent production project, the fifth production base of Linglong tire in China and the seventh production base in the world, was held in Changchun, Jilin, marking that Linglong tire has opened a new chapter of 6 + 6 global strategy.It i

  • BOTON Technology achieves profit of nearly 100 million yuan in first quarter


    On April 9, Wuxi Boton Technology Co., Ltd. announced the unaudited first quarter performance of this year, with a net profit of 96.3114 million to 113.8226 million yuan, up 10% - 30% (year-on-year, the same below). During the period of epidemic prevention and control, the company made steady growth in performance by actively organizing resumption of production.According to the analysis of Boton Technology, the main reasons for the year-on-year increase in the first quarter's profit are as f

  • Double Arrow holds Huanneng Transmission with 65 million yuan


    On April 7, Shuangjian announced that in order to accelerate the development of its main business, the company plans to purchase 55.99% and 24.01% shares of Zhejiang Huanneng Transmission Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Huanneng Transmission) held by Sanlux and Fengyi Venture Capital respectively with 41.9912 million yuan and 18.088 million yuan. After the completion of this transaction, the company will hold 80% equity of Huanneng Transmission, which will be included in the sco

  • Pengling takes over seals business


    On March 31, Tianjin Pengling Group Co., Ltd. issued its 2019 annual report, achieving an operating revenue of 1.601 billion yuan, an increase of 9.79% (year-on-year, the same below); and a net profit of 136 million yuan for shareholders, an increase of 14.97%.Under the economic downturn of the automobile industry, the revenue of the main products of Pengling automobile engine accessory system hose and assembly was 850 million yuan, down 16.62%; the revenue of automobile fueling system hose and

  • Yueyang Ruisenda Rubber & Plastic starts transmission belt project


    On March 30, Yueyang Ruisenda Rubber Plastic Industry Co., Ltd. started the relocation project with an annual output of 16 million rubber transmission belts.Risenda Rubber Plastics was established in January 2011. In order to meet its own development needs and environmental protection needs, it decided to move the plant to Yueyang green chemical industry park. The construction period of the project is 2020-2021, with a total investment of 130 million yuan, of which 100 million yuan will be inv

  • Jiangyin Haida aims to become one of top 50 non-tire enterprises in the world


    On March 28, Jiangyin Haida Rubber Plastics Co., Ltd. issued its 2019 annual report, proposing to enter the top 50 non-tire rubber products enterprises in the world through 3-5 years' efforts.In 2019, Jiangyin Haida achieved an operating revenue of 2.241 billion yuan, an increase of 5.22% (the same below), a net profit of 224 million yuan, an increase of 34.39%; a substantial increase in sales revenue, with a net cash flow increase of 774.78%, showing a strong development potential.The rubb

  • New breakthrough of eucommia rubber in truck tire industrialization


    As a cutting-edge and strategic new material, the industrial application of eucommia rubber in the tire industry has always been the concern of rubber enterprises. Recently, Jiangsu General Science Technology Co., Ltd. officially released the new high wear-resistant eucommia tire branded as Qianlima 5X XR290, which realized the new breakthrough of eucommia rubber in the industrialization application of all steel radial tire. This is also an important breakthrough of independent innovation in the

  • Hangzhou key projects announced including two projects from Zhongce Rubber


    On May 13, Hangzhou issued the 2020 key project plans. Of the 108 industrial projects with a total investment of 335.1 billion yuan, two tire projects with a total investment of 4.76 billion yuan from Zhongce Rubber Group were included.Hangzhou Zhongce Qingquan Industrial Co., Ltd. will build a production line with an annual output of 2.5 million sets of all steel radial truck tires. The land scale to be used is 69 mu of new land plus 72 mu upgraded stock land. It is estimated that after putting

  • Chinas First Carbon Black Ladle-to-ladle Transportation Project Passed Acceptance


    On January 22, Hefei Environmental Protection Bureau Hi-tech Zone Branch gave consent for the facilitiesfor prevention and control of solid waste pollution of Carbon Black Ladle-to-ladle Transportation of Dalian DaguLogistics Co., Ltd. Hefei Branch passed the acceptance of environmental protection.Dalian Dagu Logistics Co., Ltd. Hefei Branch is mainly engaged in carbon black subpackaging ladle-to-ladle transportation business, with the designed annual sub-packaging transportation amount of 1

  • High-end Conveyor Belt Project of Boton Tech Won National Science and Technology Award for the First Time


    On January 10, 2019 State Science and Technology Awarding Meeting was solemnly held in Beijing.Key Technology and Engineering Application of Special High-performance Rubber Composite Materials project jointly organized by Boton Tech and Beijing University of Chemical Technology and participated by China Chemical Guilin Engineering Co., Ltd. (CGEC) won the second prize of National Science and Technology Award, which is the first national-level award won by the conveyor belt industry so far.Ch

  • New Rubber Low-temperature Rebuilding Technology Passes Acceptance


    On December 24, 2019, new complete equipment and application technology for rubber low-temperature rebuilding (regeneration) developed by Hebei Weirui Science and Technology Shijiazhuang Zhuodu Rubber and Plastic Equipment Co., Ltd. passed the project acceptance of Shijiazhuang Science and Technology Bureau.This project designs and develops complete equipment for the problem of green recycling of waste rubber. The equipment connects two special internal mixers in series, the first internal mixer

  • How Zhongce Rubber turns back to domestic market during overseas lockdown?


    During the Spring Festival, the sudden outbreak of Covid-19 caused all tire companies to be caught off guard, they have been turning around and showing their abilities.In 2019, the main business income of Zhongce Rubber Group Co., Ltd. was RMB 25.023 billion, ranking first among tire enterprises in China. Entering the new year, they have also faced the same tough problems brought by the coronavirus.In March, the foreign sales revenue of Zhongce Rubber reached 960 million yuan, up 7.9% year-on-ye

  • Longxing Chemicals Profits Dropped by 88% in 2019


    Longxing Chemical, a backbone enterprise among domestic carbon black industry, issued 2019 Annual Performance Report in February, showing that its gross revenue in 2019 was 2.806 Billion Yuan, down by 9.07% year-on-year and the net profits attributable to shareholders of listed company was 16.08 Million Yuan, down by 87.88% year-on-year.The sharp decrease on company business performance is mainly due to the joint influences of weakened market demand and fierce industrial competition, which shows

  • A Joint Venture Set up by ExxonMobil, Tencent and Tuhu


    Shanghai Fuchuang Industrial Development Co., Ltd., a joint venture among Exxon Mobil and its dealer Fuxiao Investment Company as well as Tencent and Tuhu, was put into service formally in March.As a digital, integrative and professional provider of automobile maintenance service, Fuchuang was registered and founded with registered capital of 1.35 Billion Yuan in Shanghai Free Trade Zone in January this year. By intelligent digital platform, Fuchuang will provide its clients with integrated supp

  • Prinx Chengshan Improving Testing Capacity of Engineering Center


    The Weihai Digital and Energy-saving Environmental Tire Engineering Technology Research Center built with the support of Prinx Chengshan (Shandong) Tire Co., Ltd. passed the acceptance evaluation on December 27, 2019.This center, with total area of 14,600 m2, is a comprehensive center with multiple functions such as detection, physical and chemical experiment and testing of tires during the whole process of RD and production of tires, as well as the office work, conference and product display.Ne

  • Bridgestone Changzhou Companys Hose Project Passed Acceptance


    The project of Changzhou Bridgestone Fluid Technology Co., Ltd. with annual output of 3,800km of air pressure hose, oil pressure hose and hydraulic hose passed the completion acceptance in December 2019.Bridgestone Changzhou Company has had a project located in Hanjiang Road, Xinbei District, Changzhou City and plans to build a project with annual output of 12,000km of air pressure hose, oil pressure hose and hydraulic hose as well as 7 million hose assemblies in Huanghe West Road, Xinbei Distri


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