• The Agreement for Rubber Compound Industrial Park of One Billion Yuan was Signed


    On April 22, Luohe Economic and Technological Development Zone and Jiangsu Guanlian New Material Technology Co., Ltd. signed a strategic cooperation agreement, Guanlian New Material Industrial Park Project invested by Jiangsu Guanlian with 1 Billion Yuan officially settled in Luohe Economic and Technological Development Zone. With a floor area of about 270 mu, this project is planned and constructed by Jiangsu Guanlian to mainly build high polymer material and industrial park project.The pro

  • First Issue of Rubber Chemicals Company Passed


    On June 18, China Securities Regulatory Commission announced that the application for main board listing of Jiangxi Hungpai New Material Co., Ltd. was passed.The report shows that Hungpai New Material is mainly engaged in RD, production and sale of new silicon-based materials such as functional silane and nanosilicon material and other chemical additives, and is one of the enterprises with circular economy system and leading industrial scale in sulfur-containing silane manufacturing subdivided i

  • Key Indexes of Low-cis Rubber of SINOPEC Yanshan Petrochemical were Better than Those of Similar Products Imported


    In April, SINOPEC Yanshan Petrochemical Synthetic Rubber Factory successfully realized mass production of low-cis polybutadiene rubber, in which two key indexes, gel content and halogen content, were better than those of similar products imported.At the beginning of April, after receiving the order from the client, requesting mass production of low-cis rubber, SINOPEC Yanshan Petrochemical timely cooperated with Yanshan Branch, Beijing Research Institute of Chemical Industry to jointly develop l

  • All-steel OTR Intelligent Manufacturing Project of Guizhou Tyre Co., Ltd. was Started


    On May 29, the 2nd Phase of All-steel Small and Medium-size OTR Intelligent Manufacturing Project ofGuizhou Tyre Co., Ltd. was started. With an investment of 49.912 Million Yuan, this project will form an annual capacity of 56100 units of all-steel OTR of 14.00R25 specification.This project will eliminate partial outdated capacity, realize capacity replacement and satisfy the growing demand of international market for all-steel small and medium-size OTR. With a construction period of about 6 mon

  • Independently Innovative Tire Products of General Tire were Selected as Key Project


    Lately, RD and Application of Prick-resisting and Silent Tires for New Energy Vehicles and New Energy-saving and Eco-friendly All-steel Radial Tire developed by Jiangsu General Science Technology Co., LTD were respectively listed in key catalogue of technical innovation in Jiangsu Province and Wuxi City.In recent years, along with enhancement of environmental protection consciousness, Chinas tire industry overally promotes industrialization process of green tire from the aspects of pur

  • First High-precision Hydraulic Pitch-adjusted Calender of Guilin Rubber Industry R&D Institute Passed Acceptance


    On April 27, Guilin Rubber Industry RD Institute Co., Ltd. announced that the first new high-precision hydraulic pitch-adjusted calender developed by it successfully passed acceptance, new technology used by this equipment represented the level of new generation of products.New calender is used for production line of inner liner of semi-steel tire and can realize high-precision roller positioning and rapid adjustment of roller spacing, with the no-load adjustment accuracy reaching 0.001mm and th

  • Doublecoin Independently Developed New Technologies to Fill the Domestic Gap


    The Development of Matched Tires of New Wheeled Rail Transit Project of Doublecoin Group Shanghai Tire Institute Co., Ltd. not only filled domestic gap, but also was listed in2020 Scientific Guiding Program of China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Association recently.Small turning radius of railway vehicles is likely to result in abnormal wear of the tires and reasonable product design can improve abnormal wear, which depends on the dynamic characteristics of matching between vehicles and t

  • Commercial Tire Workshop of Prinx Chengshan was Rated as Digital Workshop


    The list of the first batch (the 4th batch in total) of intelligent factories and digital workshops in 2020 in Weihai was published recently. High-performance Commercial Vehicle Tire Digital Manufacturing Workshop of Prinx Chengshan (Shandong) Tire Co., Ltd. was selected.With this digital production workshop, the production efficiency is improved by 23%, the management efficiency is improved by 50%, the manufactured inventory was lowered by 40%, the rate of defective products was lowered by

  • Wang Feng: Only Based on Quality Can Tire Industry Develop for Long


    AEOLUS Tyres strategic adjustment has shifted from focusing on the development of quantity to focusing onthe improvement of quality. The strategic positioning is to be a leader in the quality of Chinese tires and become a professional company with world-class influence. Around this positioning, AEOLUS has carried out five strategiclayouts, namely World AEOLUS, Tech AEOLUS, Digital AEOLUS, Green AEOLUS and Humanistic AEOLUS.In terms of daily operation, AEOLUS will fully benchmar

  • Yuan Zhongxue: Facing Three Mountains, Internationalization and Innovation-Driven Must be Upheld


    COVID-19, Sino-US relations, and anti-dumping are currently the three mountains Chinas tire industry is facing. In the face of various uncertainties, Chinas rubber tire industry should adhere to internationalization and specialization, and promote the development of industry with scientific research and information technology.Three Difficult Problems Rubber Industry FacingThe first problem is COVID-19.COVID-19 came all of a sudden in 2020, leading tosuccessive shutdown of local economi

  • Unmanned tire compound production system launched


    At present, the problems of poor working condition and high labor intensity still exist in the internal mixing workshop of tire factory. It is urgent to upgrade the equipment and promote the automation and unmanned of the workshop. As the main raw material processing equipment of internal mixing workshop, the upper auxiliary machine has basically realized the centralized processing and machine automation of powder feeding and oil feeding system. Only each machine of rubber feeding system needs p

  • Sailun Group officially releases "Rubber Chain Cloud" industrial Internet platform


    On June 11, at the online 2020 China Rubber Conference held by CRIA, Sailun Group Co., Ltd. officially released the world's first rubber industry internet platform, Rubber Chain Cloud. More than 1,000 partners have been linked to the platform.As the first domestic trial and demonstration enterprise in tire industry of intelligent manufacturing and industrial Internet of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China, after nearly 20 years of iterative research and development,

  • Tangshan Sunfar will Building a Project with Annual Output of 75000 Tons of Silane Coupling Agent


    On March 11, the Project with An Annual Output of 75000 Tons of Silane Coupling Agent (First Phase) of Tangshan Sunfar New Materials Co., Ltd. was commenced.Its first phase is the project with an annual output of 15000 tons of Silane Coupling Agent Intermediate has been listed as key project plans of Hebei Province in 2020.With a total investment of 310.35 Million Yuan (including initial working capital), this project is planned to be completed and put into production at the beginning of 202

  • 2 Million Sets of All-steel Tire Factory of Shandong Yousheng Tire Limited Company was Put into Production


    On March 21, first all-steel radial tire of Shandong Yousheng Tire Limited Company was produced successfully.With a floor area of 280mu, this project plans to invest 1 Billion Yuan in total, in which the investment of first phase is 500 Million Yuan. It is planned that in this June, the daily output of tire will reach 3000 units and the annual capacity will reach 1.20 million units and it is predicted that by the end of this year, the daily capacity will reach 6000 units and the annual capacity

  • Project of Special Hose for Ocean Drilling and Mining of Shandong Yuelong Rubber & Plastic Commenced


    On March 16, the commencement ceremony of the project of Special Hose for Ocean and Engineering Machinery of Shandong Yuelong Rubber Plastic Technology Co., Ltd. was held. With an investment of 60 Million Yuan, this project covers an area of 27.75mu and a total building area of 15400m2.The products of the project mainly cover three series, flexible pipeline for marine drilling platform, special hose for engineering machinery and special rubber hose for industry, which has significant innovation

  • Shenma Cord Fabrics were Exported to Many Countries


    On March 6, in Shenma Cord Fabrics Development Company, several trucks filled with Nylon 66 products were queuing up for leaving the factory after disinfection. Over 200 tons of Shenma nylon 66 dipped cord fabrics leaving the warehouse on the day would depart from Qingdao Port and transported to the countries such as Germany, Mexico and Thailand by sea.Since the products of this company can be delivered on time with quality and quantity guaranteed, in February, the product order quantity of the

  • ZC Rubber Realized Cloud Contract Signing with Nanjing Green Gold Giant Build 3 Reclaimed Rubber Production Lines


    The media reported on March 21 that ZC Rubber Group Co., Ltd. lately realized cloud contract signing with Nanjing Green Gold Giant Rubber and Plastics High Technology Co., Ltd. on Expansion Project with an annual output of 20000 tons of reclaimed rubber, both parties cooperated to increase 3 more complete equipment for green preparation of reclaimed rubber through multi-level screw continuous desulfuration.ZC Rubber ordered the first equipment for green preparation of reclaimed rubber

  • Linglong Tire Aided Serbia


    On March 25, Linglong Tire donated 300000 disposable medical surgical masks, 2000 medical protective clothing and 10000 servings of 2019-nCoV antibody detection kits to the government of Serbia.On March 15, Serbia declared a state of emergency and requested for aid from China. Linglong Tire also reacted quickly to give a helping hand to Serbia where foreign projects are located as a Chinese enterprise.On March 30, 2019, the second overseas production base of Linglong Tire was located in Serbia.

  • 5 Vulcanizing Machines of Yiyang Yishen Rubber Machinery were Sent to Southeast Asia


    In late March, three 55-inch and two 65-inch high-precision hydraulic tire vulcanizing machines of Yiyang Yishen Rubber Machinery Co., Ltd. were sent to Southeast AsiaIn mid March, twelve 55-inch mechanical vulcanizing machines of this company were sent to Bangkok Port, Thailand.As introduced by Yishen Company, this batch of high-precision hydraulic tire vulcanizing machines adopted framework structure and were suitable for vulcanizing high-grade all-steel radial tires with wide section and hi

  • Equity Structure of Chongqing General Trading Group Changed


    The Board of Directors of Chongqing Department Store Co., Ltd. published announcement on April 3, stating that its controlling shareholder Chongqing General Trading Group Co., Ltd. completed industrial and commercial change registration and Tianjin Wu Mart and Better Life Retail increased the capital to become shareholders.The industrial and commercial registration data show that the equity structure of Chongqing General Trading Group has changed from Chongqing State-owned Assets Supervision and


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